Robert A. Casias for RNC National Convention Delegate


I’m the Best Candidate:

Robert Casias will be attending the 2016 Republican State Convention in Dallas and is a Candidate to serve as a Delegate to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland representing the 23rd Congressional District of Texas. Robert was a Delegate in 2012 and is a Ted Cruz supporter.

  • Marine combat veteran and retired Army Infantry Colonel with Top Secret security clearance. As the only military veteran in the race, I will fight for you in Austin.
  • Cattle Rancher and Businessman. I am a steward of the land, water and animals.
  • Experience in 24 countries around the world. I know how important it is to protect our rights in the State Legislature.

I Believe In:

  • American Exceptionalism
  • US Constitution
  • Limited Self Government
  • Private Property Rights
  • Water Rights to water under your property
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Individual Freedom
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Free Market Competition
  • Reduce Taxes; cut wasteful spending, reform Massive entitlement programs
  • Balanced Budgets, make government live within its means
  • Reduce Needless Intrusive Regulation on Business and Individuals
  • Economic Liberty, Economic Freedom
  • Securing the 1,284 mile border with Mexico
  • Pro-life
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Pro-business
  • Marriage between a Man and Woman
  • Pro-10th Amendment
  • I will vote against a Texas State Income Tax
  • Strong National Defense
  • Rule of Law